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Broadband for Less - Migration

If you already have Broadband with another provider you can migrate to us for just £13.00!

The process is easy! Just follow the three steps below ...

Step 1 You will need to ask your current Broadband provider for your MAC (Migration Authentification Code) to authorise the migration. Do not cancel your existing Broadband service, BT will do this on your behalf when your connection has been successfully migrated.
Step 2 Click on the "Order Now" button below and enter your BT telephone number. You can only migrate like for like packages so choose the package that is the same speed as you are using now. After this you will be asked for your MAC. Enter your MAC and complete your order.
Step 3 Continue using your broadband while your service is moved over to ADSL4Less and then start paying our low prices!
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IMPORTANT: You need to find out how many days they will leave your connection active for as a migration takes 7 days to go through. Most ISP's require 30 days notice so you will need to make your ISP aware that you are migrating away. Please make sure that they let the migration run and do not try and cease your line, if they cancel your account during this 7 days then the migration will fail.

If you have any further questions regarding migration see our FAQ section.

All prices include VAT
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